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Dental Dam Application and Guides

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Made from 100% natural latex and due to natural latex consist of high protein which could cause allergy and discomfort to the users. Understand the need for high quality dental dam, we use specialized Sanctech technology to make dental dams which are Powder Free, Low Protein to reduces latex allergy and highly tear resistant.

Carefully chosen shades of green or blue allows a contrasting background that makes the tooth easier to work on by the dentist. Addition of flavor into the dam provides the soothing and refreshing feel which could calm down the fear and anxiety during the procedures.

Why is Powder Free feature important?

Powder in most dental dams are used to prevent stickiness between dental dams. These powder also acts as carrier of latex protein in contact with our skin, causing discomfort or allergy to certain people.


The usage of a dental dam :

First, punch a hole at the dam that match the teeth size which need to work on. Put one or more small metal clamp over those teeth and then attach the dam to the clamps.

Stretch the rubber dam over a small frame that holds it tight and keeps it out of the way.

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Normally, the teeth are bathed in saliva, and this is usually very beneficial to them. However, when working on the teeth, it's better if the area is kept dry by the use of a dental dam.

This enables the dentist to prepare and restore the tooth with precision.

Additionally, the state-of-the-art adhesives to use when restore the teeth require a dry environment to bond properly, so a dental dam helps to produce the best possible result.

The dental dam also works to hold the mouth open and keep the tongue out of the way. And finally, the dental dam prevents any debris from the procedure from falling to the back of throat.

When the procedure is complete, the dental dam comes right off.

Dental dam are recommended to be stored in less than 40 degree celcius, cool and dry condition.


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